Acne Studios

Kei Leather Wallet


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Considering your wallet is effectively a portable center of personal finances, you should take choosing one fairly seriously. A combination of necessary storage space, sleek design, and the option to customize, this zippered wallet from Acne Studios—composed of 100 percent calf leather—should have enough pockets to carry all your cards and cash, without leaving you open to embarrassment the moment you offer to cover the check.

Kith Classics

Candle in Foyer


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Kith may be moving the streetwear game forward with its iconic garments, but we'd recommend that you don't overlook its incredible scented candles either. Fragrant without being frilly, this hand-poured candle will add notes of sesame, patchouli, blood orange, and mandarin into your home. Thanks to its custom, matte ceramic casing, it'll look great next to your well-curated stack of sneaker boxes, too.


Space Station


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The true value of having a Mophie on hand is made immediately apparent when you're about to head out the door with a phone battery that's on its deathbed. But the added features, including 64GB of external storage and doubled charge capacity, make it worth that valuable real estate in your pocket. The wrap-around Supreme box logo? That's just the cherry on top.

Various Projects

What Would Yeezus Do? Keytag


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100 percent customizable and primed for your pocket, there's a lot to enjoy with Various Projects' keytags. Sure, you could plaster the piece of plastic with everything from a favorite quote to a sliver of pocket-ready profanity, but the important thing is that you'll never lose your keys after adding one of these tags to your (and your friends') daily equipment.


DZ4308 Watch


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Sometimes, you need a watch with a little more action. Enter this multifaceted timepiece from Diesel, with a chronograph that goes from tracking hours and the date to tenths of a second across its various subdials. For those keeping track, it's also water resistant up to 100 meters. From the stainless steel wristband, to the vividly red second hand, this is poised to become your go-to timepiece.

Sun Buddies

Type 04 Sunglasses


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There's almost too much to choose from when picking out a pair of sunglasses these days, so let Sun Buddies make the choice simple for you. From the durable acetate frame in a timeless Wayfarer silhouette, to the handmade Carl Zeiss lenses, you're in good hands when it comes these designer shades.


WOES Sportcap


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Soft sport caps (a.k.a. "dad caps") are having a major menswear moment, and there's no better way to ride the wave than by paying homage to your woes—whether you're holding it down in the 6, or lost and confused in "Houstatlantavegas." Sure, you may not have any clue what exactly "woes" are, but considering that Drake is basically the biggest name in the game today, there's never been a better time to put on for OVO.

Ralph Lauren

Wool Touch Screen Gloves


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Who says you need to sacrifice warmth so you can tap out directions to a brunch spot on your smartphone? Ralph has blessed us with these merino wool gloves, primed for cold weather touchscreen use. From the palm patch for added ruggedness to the tiny Polo pony logo, there's no reason not to wear these gloves from the first frost to the last snowfall of the season.

Master & Dynamic

Wireless Headphones


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The tech world may be getting out of hand to some but for us this is too damn cool to pass up. Bluetooth is on another level and has taken headphones to new heights. With their wireless features, metal details, and leather interior, on-the-go just became much more fly for you.


Taylor Headphones


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For all the function that headphones need to have in order to make your music literally sing, there's something to be said about a pair of headphones that have a little extra panache. Whether you're buying a pair for your girl, or just want something a little more attention-grabbing, these jewelry-inspired headphones feature all the luxury trimmings—memory foam ear cups, gold hardware, and a leather headband—while still providing 360 degree sound.

wings + horns

Cabin Fleece Blanket


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Debateably the most necessary item in your home when it comes to handling winter's chill, a good blanket isn't just hard to come by, it's an oft-overlooked seasonal essential. This blanket from wings + horns, made in Canada and built out of a custom three-layer Japanese fabric, is coziness incarnate. And with the wings + horns' roots in the Great White North, you can trust they know what it means to fight the cold.


Tokyo Pack


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With the mercury dropping, there's more stuff that you need to keep on you at all times. From that extra sweater to hats and gloves, you don't need to look too hard to find a reason to carry a backpack this season. Enter Lexdray's Tokyo pack. Boasting a combination of neoprene and waterproof ripstop with military-grade hardware, you'll find plenty of space (and practicality) packed into this robust backpack.