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Mad Men Carousel


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"Mad Men" is over—that’s the sad truth. But at least now you can relive those seven seasons the right way with "Mad Men Carousel," which collects every recap ever written by New York TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz, along with some other never-before-seen unpublished essays. Since the beginning, MZS has been one of the best to write about this dense, celebrated show—think of this collection as a bound companion to the series.

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Jurassic World Dinosaur Set


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It's not enough to merely own this summer's most enjoyable blockbuster. If you're going to bring "Jurassic World" into your home then you have to really re-create Jurassic World. Luxe figurines of the two badass Rex will have you feeling the Dino-love more than Chris Pratt, and the 3-D Blu-Ray disc will recreate the movie theater experience so thoroughly your crib might shake from the roars.

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Fast & Furious Collection


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It’s the most important movie series of the 21st century—don’t argue with us. From the first time Paul Walker and Vin Diesel teamed up to the city-destroying heist in Brazil to the time Diesel drove a car through multiple towers, the "Fast and Furious" movies have been relentlessly fun and engaging. Now you can own all of them, and hold them in a fun, tire-shaped case...until "Fast 8" comes out, of course.


BB-8 Droid


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The remote-controlled little BB-8 from Sphero may just be the coolest "Star Wars" toy in the franchise’s history. The adorable orb of a droid first rolled into our lives in the first "Episode VII" trailer a year ago, and we’ve had plenty of time to learn the physics behind its head staying on top of the body as it moves. Still, it feels like magic. And who doesn’t want a magical Christmas?


Game of Thrones Steelbook


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If you’re a "Game of Thrones" superfan, then you need to cop season one (and two) in a Steelbook format for all the Jons and Cerseis in your life. They feature brand new cover art from the people who do the opening credits of "GoT." And the Steelbooks are the first TV Blu-Ray titles to have Dolby Atmos—new audio technology that’ll just make Daenerys and her dragons feel even realer.


Mad Max: Fury Road


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Get your "Mad Max" fix by picking up this collection of prequel tales. Basically, you’ll get to read about the rise of the warlord Immortan Joe, the backstory of Nux (Nicholas Hoult’s mute, but incredibly, weirdly sympathetic character), and learn how Max was led to our girl, Furiosa, whose own journey is the standout. With beautiful art and storytelling, this is the perfect way to dive back into one of 2015’s best films.


The Wire: The Complete Series


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By this point, it’s a safe assumption that at least half of the U.S. population has seen "The Wire." But there’s a good reason for that. David Simon’s HBO series about Baltimore is a modern television masterpiece. So, why not invest in the ultimate "The Wire" experience, with a Blu-ray set that boasts 12 audio commentaries, a gag reel, a special behind-the-scenes documentary, and three prequels that explore life before the series.


DC Comics Collection


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DC’s Comics Collection is the ultimate wet dream for any comic book nerd. Not only does it have hardcover copies of "Batman Black and White," "The Death of Superman," "Batman Year One," "Justice League Origin," "JLA Earth 2," and "Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals," but it also has all the corresponding animated movies (on both Blu-ray and regular formats) for each comic. So, this legitimately has all your bases covered.

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Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy


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This is a special year for the "Back to the Future" franchise. Not only did the first film celebrate its 30th anniversary, but 2015 is also the year Marty McFly and Doc travel to in the second movie. So now we present this special 30th anniversary package, which comes with an animated series, a book, and collectible light-up "Flux Capacitor" packaging. Perfect for that time-traveling film fan in your life.


Monopoly: Game of Thrones Collector's Edition


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Might as well also pick up "Game of Thrones" Monopoly to go along with the aforementioned Steelbooks. In the nature of traditional Monopoly, all of your favorite blood-soaked "GoT" locales like Castle Black, Winterfell, and Kings Landing are up for sale on your way to the top of the Iron Throne. And since it’s a collectible Monopoly set, it comes with dope game pieces like dragon eggs, White Walkers and of course, a direwolf.