Blind Barber

90 Proof Hair Wax


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Blind Barber's 90 Proof hair wax—the stronger version of its styling creams—manages to perfectly walk the line between lightness and hold. When applying this wax, you'll realize that it will hold your hair in place without fail, but is still malleable enough to allow for restyling or tweaks throughout the day. As long as you apply from root to tip, you'll have the control you need without the heaviness of other hair products.


Rejuvenate Body Balm


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It's not just the brand's minimal, aesthetically-pleasing packaging, Aesop's boutique beauty and skincare products are heavy on providing care and light on the frills and fillers. That's not to say that this body balm doesn't smell good; vanilla, sandalwood, and botanicals add a sweet scent to this powerfully hydrating lotion.

Mister Pompadour

Natural Beeswax Hair Paste


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When the gels, creams, and pomades aren't cutting it, this is what you turn to. Whether tackling unruly hair, or just keeping things in line, the high hold and non-shiny matte finish make this product a match for almost any hair type or style. Free of alcohol or parabens, it has a natural, simplified feel that's lacking in other styling creams.


Three-Month Subscription


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Tired of dealing with in-grown hairs and razor bumps? Bevel's got you. Designed specifically for those with coarse and curly hair, Bevel's five-step system—which includes everything from hydrating shaving cream to a single-blade safety razor—delivers an experience that multi-blade and electric razors just can't. It may be initially intimidating to buy a three-month subscription, but after one shave, we bet you'll re-up when those three-months are over.

Maison Louis Marie

No. 04 Bois de Balincourt


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Don't let this bottle fool you, this unisex fragrance is anything but flowery. With a deep, rich scent, everyone you chop it up with this holiday season will be asking you where you got this fragrance. With top notes of sandalwood and cedarwood blending with an amber base and notes of nutmeg and spicy cinnamon, don't be surprised if people want to get closer to you than the warmth of that yule log fire.

Juniper Ridge

Siskiyou Trail Soap


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Who cares if you've never been the Siskiyou Trail? With Juniper Ridge's soap, you'll smell as crisp and refreshing as the Oregonian backwoods. A spa-like smell without the frills, this soap will have you stepping out of the shower with a blended earthy scent that includes moss and tree bark. Hey—if nothing else, the bottle cap looks like carved wood, and we have to admit: that's pretty cool.

Stubble & 'Stache

Moisturizer and Conditioner


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You've finally grown the winter-ready full beard you've been talking about for weeks, but you didn't anticipate how itchy and uncomfortable that newfound facial hair would feel on the daily. Worry no more, this face and beard moisturizer has the natural, plant-based ingredients that should soften your skin and your bristles to make for a much more enjoyable facial hair experience.


Face Scrub


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Let's be honest, there's a lot of gunk that builds up on your skin over time. That's why this gentle exfoliant needs a spot in your bathroom cabinet. With a fine and grainy texture, this facial scrub should clear away impurities without taking the rest of your skin off with them. Whether you've just shaved, or want to refresh your skin, you'll be reaching for this scrub time and again.

Peter Thomas Roth

Glycolic Acid 10% Moisturizer


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Sometimes, washing your face with soap just doesn't cut it. That's where this moisturizer comes in. Powerful enough to tackle stubborn acne, but gentle enough to leave your skin feeling refreshed, you can bank on this glycolic acid moisturizer to basically hit the reset button when it comes to the skin on your face.


Lip Balm #1


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Lips get burned out and chapped during the winter; it's a fact of life. So before you suffer through every chilly gust of wind, make sure to add this to your repertoire. Created specifically with cold weather in mind, this lip balm is more than a moisturizer. Vitamin E and soothing emollients will have you reaching for this balm throughout winter...and several months afterward.

Beard Buddy

Beard Wash and Oil


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If you're planning to grow a lumberjack-like beard for the winter, you have to know that every good beard needs R&R. Enter Beard Buddy's two-piece care kit. With a combination of Vitamin E, coconut oil, and essential oils, even the most untamed beards will feel better after this one, two punch of a kit that won't leave you second guessing your scruff.


Daily Face Wash


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Even in the winter, it pays to know when to stay cool. While this face wash is sure to keep you feeling clean, its cooling combo of peppermint and eucalyptus will leave you refreshed and ready. If you're still unconvinced on how vital this cleanser is, we know its volcanic rock exfoliants and aloe-based moisturizer are sure to win you over, wash after wash.