Pax 2 Vaporizer


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When it comes to vaping, your options are nearly unlimited, but the Pax 2 is what you’re looking for. The device looks awesome—it’s basically the Platonic ideal of a vaporizer—is easy to use, and will give you the best bang for your buck. Listen, the Weeknd just recently partnered with Pax—that should be all you need to hear when considering which vape to buy this Christmas.


Singani 63 Brandy


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Steven Soderbergh has a brandy line for some reason. It's Bolivian, packaged beautifully, and comes with a liquor zine written by Soderbergh himself. Best of all, it'll do the trick of getting you drunk. It actually goes down way smoother than "The Knick." Obviously a must-have for the liquor-loving film buff.


Mason Jar Bong


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When ripping bongs, simplicity is essential. So give me something simple and functional like the Vega Bong, and we're in business. The top can be unscrewed and applied to any 70mm mason jar, or turned upside down for ease of transport. It also occupies a sweet spot in the bong Venn diagram: The Vega Bong hits hard, but it won't have you spending the next 48 hours buttering loaves of cinnamon raisin toast.


Single Malt Scotch


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Wanna feel like Don Draper? The best way to do that is indulge in scotch at the office. Be sure to grab bottles of Balblair 2003 for the amber liqueur enthusiasts in your life—especially those at the office. The more to share the better.


Reserva 44 Tequila


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If you’re ready to stunt this Christmas Avion Reserva 44 is the move. The extra añejo tequila is aged for 43 months in a temperature-controlled cave before posting up in a specialized barrel for another month. The result is an incredibly complex and drinkable tequila packaged in a crystal decanter signed by Avión’s founder. There’s a reason it won Best Tasting Tequila at San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


Moscow Mule Kit


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Take your cocktail making to the next level by getting the Moscow Mule kit. It comes with everything you need to attempt to make the perfect Moscow Mule—two copper mugs, an ice mallet and bag, ginger syrup, and a recipe. All you need to do is add your favorite vodka and you’ll be good to go.


Vapor E-Cigarette


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A great man once compared e-cigarettes to “sucking a robot’s d**k.” Just imagine if Ray Velcoro ever saw the Juul. This USB-shaped vaporizer doesn’t look like any other e-cig out there. And that’s a good thing—it’s so oppressively modern-looking that just holding it makes you feel awesome. And then you take a drag of one of the Juul’s flavors—miint, bruule, tabaac, or fruut—and you feel even better.


2 in 1 Light Bulb Speaker


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Bring the rave to your home with this super cool two-in-one LED light bulb and Bluetooth speaker. Whether you’re having a solo dance party or being the host(ess) with the most(ess), this light bulb speaker is the perfect tech-savvy accompaniment for good tunes and good vibes. It’ll be hard not to buy one for yourself if you’re gifting this to someone else.

The Spice Lab

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses


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These ingenious shot glasses completely cut out the middle man for tequila shots. They are carved from 100 percent Himalayan pink salt, so instead of having to lick salt off your hand, you can drink out of it! Are these the world’s most practical shot glasses (yes, a “practical shot glass” seems like an oxymoron)? Probably. Not to mention, they are also incredibly pretty, too.

Johnnie Walker

Blue Label Whiskey


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If you find yourself in a place to take a break from cheap scotch, especially this holiday season, go for Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the Rolls Royce of whiskey. For the price, you're guaranteed a pleasant experience with an amber-colored liquid that has a nice smoky taste. It also happens to feel pretty light and clean against your throat.