Power Starter Kit


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Okay, so you can’t drink soda because it will slowly kill you, and you don’t wanna buy seltzer, because those plastic bottles really pile up in your recycling bin. So, allow us to introduce you to your solution. The SodaStream Power is easy to set up and use, and it carbonates that water like nobody’s business. As a bonus, SodaStream also has flavoring you can use to mix things up.


Apple TV

$149 (32 GB) or $199 (64 GB)

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Apple TV may not be revolutionizing television, but it’s sure as hell making it more convenient. The fourth generation's best feature is its universal search, which allows you to simultaneously search for movies and shows via Siri on Netflix, Hulu, and more. Homegirl is also mad helpful if you wanna rewind quickly or missed what a character said. There’s still room for improvement, but this device will quickly become your best friend for streaming.


65" Curved OLED Smart TV


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TVs are so lit these days. This LG piece is right on the heels of flat-screen tech, with its curved structure, smart capabilities, and unreal picture quality. If you buy this TV, maybe also buy a helmet. You might end up diving head-first into the thing because it makes everything look so real. It’s definitely not cheap, but with this TV, you seriously get what you pay for.


Pill Plus


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Beats has been supplying the party for years now and bless them, they keep working to make things more turnt. The original Pill was efficient, cool, and practical—the Pill Plus is all of that magnified. As in, bigger sound, longer battery life, and the ability to link multiple pills for premium booming sound. Best of all? A dueling DJ option, which should keep everyone in your squad on their toes.


3D Printing Pen


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Perfect for your artsiest friend, the 3Doodler—the world's first 3D pen—is for those whose creativity can't be contained in simply two dimensions. You can literally create 3D objects of your imagination with this pen, which uses plastic strands instead of ink. Just imagine! The possibilities are endless!


Star Wars Edition Laptop


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Wow, apparently the Sith are backing HP. Is the Emperor their CEO on the low, influencing the Dark Side agenda like he did in those wack prequels? No matter—indulge your appreciation for the Dark Side like Kylo Ren and cop this Vadered-out laptop. It even comes with a Sith-red backlight—and a collection of storyboards and concept art across all 40-something years of Star Wars history.


Smart Jewelry


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If you like it then you should put a ring on it—or, you know, if you are a really busy gal who likes to be both fashionable AND efficient. This is no plain old ring: It syncs up to your phone and notifies you of messages. Now you can be a totally stylish sleuth without checking your phone every three minutes.


V2 Google Cardboard Viewer


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Google Cardboard, an actual licensed product, allows users to experience 360-degree virtual reality through little more than a cardboard headset and a smart phone. If VR-lite sounds like something you’re interested in trying, the Knox V2 variation is the way to go. It supports screens up to 6 inches, and it’s Google Cardboard certified. $24 for a paper cube may sound absurd, but your eyeballs will thank you.




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So here’s an issue you may have with your router: You want to keep it in the room you spend the most time in, but who the hell wants to have a bulky piece of plastic with blinking lights in the middle of their living room? Google is here for you with a modern, aesthetically pleasing router that, you know, also provides a high-powered connection.


Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D Printer


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The time for the personal 3D printer has arrived, and for $500, it’s honestly not as pricey as we expected it to be. The XYZ da Vinci 1.0 3D printer has the largest print size in its class and is also equipped with a feature that lets you know when you’re running low on filament (the material that you print with). It’s a real catch.



Starts at $649.99 (Reseller price may vary)

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All due respect to cell phone cameras—luv u, ur so handy—but there’s something to be said in 2015 about a dope, utilitarian camera that you can hold in your hands. The Sony a6000 has an autofocus so fast it'll make your head spin and you'll never lose the shot. There's a pleasing bit of weight to it, but it’s not overly bulky like some cameras the pros use. It’s sort of romantic...and it takes better pictures than your phone.


iPad Air 2

Starts at $499

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Call us sheeple, we don’t care—this tablet is too nice. The newest iPad is thinner and lighter than ever—to an astounding degree—and its pixel resolution is just unfair. To us, the iPad used to be a little pointless—not quite a phone, not quite a computer—but now we just wanna throw out all our other devices and only rock this. (We’ll pass on the stylus, though.)